Do you want to be the world's greatest psychic?
You already are. Every night you travel into the future to predict the created events of your life with alarming accuracy. You don't do anything with the information because you don't know the significance of what you do.

Each night, you fall asleep to lose consciousness, to forget who you are, so that your point of focus can shift itself higher up in your brain mass, in your brain waves, into a flow of light, a flow of created image reality, heading this way from POINT ZERO.

You fall asleep. You wake again higher up in your brain mass, with however much presence of mind you have left after knocking yourself out. If you are like most people, that isn't much. Your dreams seem to be happening to you and you get carried along with no seeming control. When this flow of created image reality ends up at the bottom end of things, as the physical events of your life, that is how you live your life as well. "Didn't see that one coming." Really, you did, but not in any useable way.

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Dreams: Observations of Created Events