the Heavenly Garments
- clothing & nudity

Jeans = genes, they are the four layers of energy that make up the density of the physical body. 

In the language of our dreams, the glands show up as fountains. The fabled Fountain of Youth is the pituitary gland.

A brown leather jacket represents the hide of the beast and makes another representation of being concerned with taking care of the physical self.

The sweater, for reasons yet unkown to me, shows up in several death scenarios. 

An undertaker's tall hat appears in an observation of Columbine and other school shootings. Oprah wears a bowler hat in an observation of 'Death on the Nile'.

Hair is our relationship to one another, so many individuals of one mind. But then, there is also the expression "Getting into my hair." Being mostly bald seems to solve that problem.

Clean toenails = paid the price already. Dirty fingernails = actively misbehaving.
Hand in pocket = something learned from the past.

The naked body is the mind. Toby Keith's naked backside, however, points to a 'full moon', thanks to his song "Does that blue moon ever shine on you?"

Sitting means resting the mind. Keith Urban is upside-down, tied to a chair; People are trapped on a ferry, down under, during their vacation.

Dreams: Observations of Created Events