Temperature & Color

POINT ZERO means zero movement and zero temperature while, at the opposite end of the spectrum, the physical frequency is the hottest. Things that are cold can either be in the future or the past. Something that heats up all at once, like a kernel of popcorn, can represent a sudden happening. The next thing you know, you find yourself in the middle of a fender bender.

Color is also an indication of time. The hottest frequency is reddish-brown, followed by infra-red, then yellow, ultra violet, gold, white, seafoam and midnight blue. Reddish-brown is the present moment and time ascends from there into the future/past, depending on the direction of the flow of created image reality, from POINT ZERO to the physical frequency or to POINT ZERO from the physical frequency.

POINT ZERO is the ALPHA and the OMEGA, in a closed system of energy, in an energy field drawn away from POINT ZERO by conscious minds exploring limitations and filling that field of energy with created image reality.


Dreams: Observations of Created Events