Animals can represent people, places and things. Very often, they are a representation of the Human Beast, an animalistic human being, 666.

Ants are people dwarfed by circumstances. Perhaps they are caught in a disaster like an earthquake that makes them seem insignificant?

The Black Bear represents Russians and Russia, in particular Southern Russia around the Black Sea.

It is slang to call a Frenchman a "frog" but that is the way he showed up in the language of my dreams so I had to respect the observation as such. Another man showed up as a white preying mantis, a sexual predator of children.

The snake can represent a snake in the grass, especially if is being venomous = underhanded but it also has a biblical context. The serpent and the apple are a metaphor for a spiral of light spinning in place on an axis to make what we understand as a particle. The serpent in this context can represent a created event heading for the physical frequency. Grabbing the snake and holding onto it can represent intercepting an event just before it happens.

The spider web could very well be the World Wide Web and the spider is one or more people traveling the internet. If the spiders are venomous, perhaps they are up to no good, like hacking?

Wasps are rather nasty people and bees are similar people who are behaving themselves a little better.

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